Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week #11: November 21, 2011 - November 27, 2011

This was a short week because the museum is closed Wednesday - Friday for Thanksgiving!

On Tuesday, I got to meet some new interns that usually work different days than me, which was a nice chance of scenery!  The new intern, Nick, and I discussed some of our shared frustrations with the unorganized state of the museum and worked on a few tasks together.  We spent another while looking for any indication that the previously discussed wedding dress ever existed and came up with nothing.  Chris thinks that this woman may have the wrong museum!

Today, we had a field trip come through the museum, which was cool! I got to help check them in and it was nice to see the more operational side of the museum.  A funny side note about the field trip though... The museum is constructed of mostly glass, which is cleaned on a regular basis.  One of the kids walked right into one of the glass walls and got a bloody nose!  Whooops!

I also talked to Chris about a new project I will be starting after Thanksgiving and will continue to work on next semester.  He has put together a 2-year plan for getting the Collections Department organized and I am going to start on that! I'm excited because I love organizing, am already familiar with the programs used and enjoy the museum aspect of the job.  I also like going in each day knowing what I will be working on!

Still loving my internship!

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