Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week #4: October 4, 2011 – October 8, 2011

            This week I got to see a little more about how museum artifacts are entered into their digital system.  They use a program called PastPerfect, that keeps track of all the artifacts that come into the museum’s collections.  The museum is working on an exhibit about a Greek man’s chain of candy stores he had in the US and today, I scanned a bunch of photos into the computer system, which was cool! 
            I also finally got to do some constructive organization that actually made sense!  The boxes in the basement are randomly placed on shelves, as I’ve mentioned before but none of the shelves are labeled so no one knows where to look for something! Today I labeled each shelf by aisle, section and individual shelf.
            One aspect of this internship I’m enjoying is the neighborhood it is in.  It’s in the heart of Greek Town, surrounded by delicious eateries and bakeries and coffee shops.  Everyone is incredibly friendly, too!  I try and pack my lunch most days, but I can’t say I’m bummed when I forget!  Mediterranean food is my absolute favorite!
            Next week I get to work more with the computer programs that Chris uses to keep the museum organized and I’m excited to work on a project!

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