Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week #9: November 6, 2011 - November 13, 2011

          This week was exciting, busy, i-was-randomly-assigned-tasks kinda of week!  I couldn't blame Chris though, because the museum finally opened!! Not that I could tell, necessarily, because I was locked away working on exhibits and artifacts, but from what I heard, for a Tuesday (which is apparently the least popular day to go to museums), we did pretty well!  
          On Tuesday, I did a lot of cleaning and assembling of the exhibit hall.  Since the museum is a non-profit, funded entirely by the generosity of America's greek population, the National Hellenic Museum seems to be perpetually low on cash.  Because of this, the permanent exhibit has a certain theme to it... that I will call "unfinished." Apparently, this is done on purpose to show the museum-goers how the museum went from a small organization to a huge, nationally recognized facility.  It looks pretty awesome, actually, not messy or anything, just very organic and rough around the edges.  I helped assemble the exhibits and made sure they were dust free.
          On Thursday, I did some more assembly and cleaning but mostly worked on my normal task of cataloging the Alex's Candy Shop exhibition items. I finally finished, too! It felt good to know that I started a finished a huge project and that without me, that project would still be unfinished.  So I made an impact... Which feels nice.  I talked to Chris about what I might be doing now that I finished with the Candy Shop and he said he has a two-year plan of getting the whole Collections department organized.  I LOVE organizing and am very good at it, and told him so... which he said was great and that he'd definitely utilize my skills.
          I'm liking my internship more and more! I'm seriously considering pursuing a degree in Museum Sciences after i graduate at some point.  I enjoy the tasks and especially the people I work with.  Yay enriching experiences!

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