Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week #3: September 25, 2011 – October 1, 2011

            This week was very, very boring.  All the shelves in the basement, which I had put boxes on last week, have to be lined with a kind of foam to protect the artifacts once they are removed from their boxes.  So… I had to take down the boxes I put on the shelves, and line them.  I had to cut the foam into the correct dimensions, which took SO LONG!  I did this all week and Chris felt bad about it, but I understand that someone has to do it!
            Another frustrating thing about this week was, again, the lack of organization!  I know it’s a new place and things aren’t organized, so I understand, but it’s still frustrating! I spent, literally, three hours looking for some doll stands for the permanent exhibition and never found them.  Urgh!  The museum has its first event this week in the new building, so everyone is SUPER stressed and Chris apologized for his lack of focus.  I feel bad for him!  So I left this week not feeling very accomplished or utilized! I’m smart… yet couldn’t manage to find some doll stands!  

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